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  • Purple Pearl Nail-art

    03 July 2014

    Hello nail-freaks :) I might have had a break from uploading nail art pictures, but I have not stopped painting. So we have some catching up to do ;) This nail- design I created when buying the Sally Handson Nail polish. The shiny, silver top and the...

  • Lilac Whites

    25 April 2015

    Hello :D I do love the purple / white color combination, I have had similar nail designs before. This one is topped with some glitter polish. I don't actually like the dark purple around the rhinestone, it makes the design look messy, so I apologize....

  • Red Sparkle Flower

    25 April 2015

    Helloo This nail art design is carried by basically the glitter and sparkle. As you can see in the first two picture, the design does not have the same effect, so I chose to add the orange/red glitter sparkles. I really do like this design and it brightens...

  • Baby Blues

    25 April 2015

    Hello darlings, This design I just adore. It is as girly and cute as it gets: with dots, soft colors and everything nice. I thought of ruffled dresses and creating rounded shapes. I believe this nail art fits my style very well. The white makes it look...

  • Easy Dotting Tool Design

    25 April 2015

    Helloo girls, This design is really simple and straight forward. I did it while I was on vacation. You don't have much time, but you still want your nails to look good and all you have is a dotting tool.. SO this is what I just came up with. It looks...

  • Formal Romantic Pinkish French Tips

    25 April 2015

    Helloo :P Here is a design I did for a prom I went to. It's very beautiful and perfect for anything classy and formal. I used a sheer white as a coat which gave the design the desired "sheer/frosted" look. It's basically a french tip with pink dots. Also...

  • Green Colorful Summer Nails

    25 April 2015

    Hello SUMMER I designed this nail art for last year's summer. I felt like the colors are fruity and splashy. The design does remind me of my colorful nails from a few years back, the first time I put load of detail into nail designs. I like working intensively...

  • Red Oriental Inspired Nails

    10 January 2016

    This is a very simple oriental inspired design. :D

  • Soft Leo

    10 January 2016

    A soft leopard nail art design. :)

  • Purple Transitions

    10 January 2016

    From light to dark purple with a touch of a silver underline :)

  • The Royal Blues

    10 January 2016

    Royal Blue Nail Art.

  • Hello

    04 August 2012

    Hello people :) I am sorry about not posting anything lately. I feel very ashamed and awful about that. Yet, I did not succumb to laziness as you might think. My computer simply broke down in june. All my work and images are on it and I hope even if my...

  • French Manicures

    20 July 2011 ( #French Manicure )

    French tip with hollies French Manicure Design Colorful Bow Nails French with Flowers French Manicure

  • Special Occasions

    21 July 2011 ( #Special Occasions )

    Birthday Nails Easter Nails 4th of July American Flags St. Patrick Nails

  • Romantic Flowers

    21 July 2011 ( #Romantic )

    Rosies and Posies Pink Girly Nails Roses Yellow Banana Shade+Flowers Pink Flowers Purple White Flowers

  • All Nail-Designs

    22 July 2011 ( #All Nail-Designs )

    Select an image to view the article.

  • The Four Seasons

    30 August 2011 ( #The Four Seasons )

    Springtime Summer time Fall Season Wintertime

  • Outfits: Pink and White

    20 June 2012 ( #Outfits )

    Hellooo, Here is another collage of pink and white nails and an outfit that I thought would fit to the nail-art. The design was inspired by a tea set so I tried to maintain a v ery girly and feminine feel about the outfit as well. C: click the image to...

  • Outfits: One White Rose

    27 September 2012 ( #Outfits )

    Here is another collage of an outfit inspired nail-design. :)

  • Outfits: Purple Polka Dots

    14 October 2012 ( #Outfits )

    An inspired polka dot outfit / design. :D - Tiara

  • Colorful Bow Nails

    19 July 2011

    Here is one of my very first nail-art designs. It's has a french tip and a bow place under it.

  • Water Nails

    20 July 2011

    This is a blue finding nemo theme nail-design. Back then (two years ago) I wasn't that good, but practice makes perfect. :)

  • American Flags

    20 July 2011

    A friend of mine is obsessed with the USA so I made her an American Flag nail-design. :)

  • Metallic Frost

    20 July 2011

    The dark shimmery purple is very beautiful. (China Glaze- Stella) I wanted to add a similar frosted color so I chose a silver and added sparkles.

  • Tropical Nails

    20 July 2011

    I have always adored Hibiscus flowers. And i really like this hawaiian feel and bright colors. Here is a video which I've done quite some time ago..

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