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  • Pink Girly Nails

    20 July 2011

    I like the red-pink color combination in this design. I did them for a friend of mine :)

  • French tip with hollies

    20 July 2011

    For the Christmas time a fun twist to the french manicure.

  • Colorful Zebra Stripes

    20 July 2011

    First I painted my nails all in different colors. With a migi nail-art pen I created black zebra stripes on them.

  • Birthday Nails

    20 July 2011

    I made these for a friend's birthday to surprise her. :) Sorry, the c amera did not focus.

  • Underwater Nails

    20 July 2011

    I tired to create an underwater atmosphere with blue swirlies and twirlies, colorful sea-stars AND a cute s eahorse. ^^

  • Blog in French!

    18 November 2012

    I have updated my blog and now it is even available for the french people in this world. Here you are, enjoy ! :D click here

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