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  • Spring Nails

    30 August 2011

    This de sign was especially inspired by the spring time. To create this fresh, bloomy feeling I used bright, happy colours and added little easter eggs to the grassy-part,as you can see. The design is part sky,part meadow with flowers and suns. Cute and...

  • Greenish Blue and Purple

    08 September 2011

    This is just a very casual design. I bought a new dotting tool so I wanted to try it out.. ;) Polish: Orly -Gumdrop ChinaGlaze -Spontaneous

  • Matchy-Matchy

    15 October 2011

    So,this is a fun design where I altered the colors on the opposite hand but kept the design. I paired bright and happy colors to maintain a summer feel. Furthermore, I like how the colors match :)

  • Pink Flowers

    01 April 2012

    Hello! This design was inspired by a cook book, which caught my eye while I was walking through a book store. I just loved how the light blue background matched with the pink / yellow flowers. The design is very cute and sweet. C: Just like the apple...

  • Pink / White Leopard

    01 April 2012

    This design is like candy for the eyes. ^^ I like lace and the combination between the white and the pale pink is just beautiful. It looks very pure and subtle. I'll call it the innocent leopard. ;)

  • French Manicure

    10 April 2012

    A french manicure. :) No design. No colour. Just a touch of pink and white. Beautiful and pure. Even w ithout a colorful bucket of paint splattered on my nails they can look pretty. btw: I know the white tip is not perfect. But I still have a lifetime...

  • Chocolate Nails

    23 April 2012

    These nails remind me of hot chocolate with cream,solely because of the colors. The design itself not so much^^. But it does give you a "warm feeling".

  • Purple White Flowers

    02 May 2012

    I created nice purple flowers on each nail. E ach one being different and co mbined with some green leaves. :)

  • Blue Shapes

    14 May 2012

    A twisted,interesting design with different sizes and shapes of blue paired with glitter. :)

  • Purple and White S's

    20 May 2012

    A sweet girly design with a pale purple base and white 's'-shaped swirls. The dark purple helps give the design more dimension. :)

  • Teaset Nails

    09 June 2012

    A very girly design based on my cute teaset from when I was a little girl. ;) Ahh,sweet memories ... I simply copied the roses,bows and hearts onto my nails. I added some gold as well.

  • Red Swirl on Yellow Nails

    26 June 2012

    This is an older design. I haven't uploaded it yet,because I do not think it is anything special. One red swirl, and lots of little blue swirls and dots filling in the empty space. I added some glitter dust at the tip which the camera obviously did not...

  • Glitter 'n' Glam Nails

    22 October 2012

    For the design I used soft colors including pale purple and milky white with a touch of pink. I added rhinestones and glitter to glam up the design, since the design itself is simple. The "accessories" for the nail embroiders the nail-design and produced...

  • Colorful Circles

    18 November 2012

    This design was inspired by my colorful and fun desk accessories. :) I did not choose the exact same colors, but still tried to maintain the overall colorfulness and playfulness. The nail-art makes me happy and cheerful, because I just love colors and...

  • Purple Black Butterflyies

    25 April 2015

    Hello girlies, This nail design is quite old (I am catching up on all the designs I did over the past years). I was basically trying to paint little butterflyies with my new nail art tools. The black outline got a little bit too "thick", I wanted a thin...

  • Bright Colorful Dots

    25 April 2015

    Helloo people, This nail design is quite blurry, I apologize. I do enjoy the color combination. As you can see my ringfinger's nail broke, my nails were a bit too long for my taste now. I guess you do get the idea of the colorful dots though :) ~Tiar...

  • Orange Cloud

    25 April 2015

    Helloo :P This nail art is perfect for the summer. It was inspired by oranges :) I also added an fimo orange, but it did fall off during a night out, so you can only see it in the first picture. The design is quite clean and "cute" and soft. That's why...

  • Purple Swirl Twirl

    25 April 2015

    Hello people! I do like purple shades and I paired it with some silver underlining and rhinestones. The purple swirl maked the design look clean and although it simply is a purple french tip the swirl makes it look unique. :D ~Tiara

  • Nail-Designs Slideshow

    14 April 2012 ( #Videos )

  • Nail-Designs

    20 July 2011 ( #Videos )

    Heres an old video. A slideshow with my nail-designs. -xo

  • Blue and Purple Nails

    20 July 2011

    This is a cute nail-design with blues and purples.

  • French Manicure Design

    20 July 2011

    This is a french manicure with a little twist to it.

  • Dots and Diagonals in Pastel

    20 July 2011

    I love the color combination on these nails! So soft and pastel. The colors are form the Up and Away Collection of China Glaze. One of my favorites!

  • Fruit Nails

    20 July 2011

    I love fruits. So I decided to create a colorful and fresh Fruit-Design with cherries, oranges, kiwis, strawberries and watermelons. Sorry for the poor quality.

  • candy nails

    20 July 2011

    I'm an absolute "Naschkatze" ( a person with a sweet tooth)^^ That's why I made this candy-themed design with cupcakes, lollypops, ice-cream ..yum! :D Like all the other designs, this one also is from 2009.

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