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  • Blue Princess

    10 January 2016

    This design reminds me of a blue royal princess :D

  • OPI- That's Berry Daring

    24 August 2011 ( #Swatches )

    This is such a beautiful color ! OPI - That's Berry Daring It's the same color of nail polish I used in Vanilla+Raspberry Sundae . In sunlight the color looks like a mixture of reds and pinks. It has a slight touch of blue shimmer to it as well which...

  • OPI- Dim Sim Plum

    24 August 2011 ( #Swatches )

    I adore pinks,purples and reds. That is why most of my nail-polish collection consists of pink/ purple/ red shades There is just such a variety of colors and shades and they all look differently! If I were able to, I would own all the nail-polish colors...

  • Cinderella Dress

    09 April 2012 ( #Themes )

    While creating this design the 6 year old girl within me leaped for joy. ;) It is based on two Cinderella dresses I saw at a friend's house. I easily get inspired by clothes and miniature things. I like details. The smaller and more detailed something...

  • How to...workspace

    14 May 2012 ( #How To )

    My Workspace: This is how my desk looks like,when I do my nails. It is important to keep your workspace neat and clean. That way it is easier to paint more precise and detailed. A messy room and a unorganized desk can lead to a general atmosphere of confusion...

  • Rimmel- Pink Bliss

    03 June 2012 ( #Swatches )

    T his is a milky pale white color. It gives my nails a flawless,pure and even finish. Big like! Rimmel- 305 pink bliss It's similar to the 130 French Lingerie which I used for the Fr ench Manicure . But it has a touch of pink,which you can hardly see...

  • Step-by-Step: water marble

    09 June 2012 ( #Step-by-Step Tutorials )

    First off, prep your nails with a base and a simple colour, e.g: white Fill up a cup/bowl with water. Drop colours of your choice into the water, in order for the varnish to expand. Repeat until enough polish is in the water to work with. Take a toothpick...

  • Step-by-Step: Bad Fairy Nail Tutorial

    16 June 2012 ( #Step-by-Step Tutorials )

    1) Apply base coat. 2) Apply desired nail polish colour. -take a brush and acrylic paint to carry out the following steps 3) Apply small black triangles on the tip of the nails (sry for the camera flash) 4) Draw black inflected lines evolving from the...

  • How to...manicure

    20 October 2012 ( #How To )

    This is a brief guide on what steps I take, in order to maintian healthy, clean nails. ;) Remove all nail polish -> acetone deprives the nails of moisture - therefore have moisturizing hands/nails as a daily chore Soak your hand in soap water Scrub off...

  • Outfits: Barbie Pink and Light Purple

    10 June 2012 ( #Outfits )

    Hey,everyone! I decided to create a new project: "outfit fitting nail-designs" :D I will design my nails in the way that they match an outfit and vice versa. I will mainly be focusing on the color scheme. My first collage consist of barbie pink and light...

  • Outfits: Bad Fairy

    28 September 2012 ( #Outfits )

    Hello c: This is the costume I wore for my ballet preformance. I played an evil fairy and added a nail design to match the wardrobe. You can use this as inspiration: to match nails and outfits, since I know you do not own the same exact clothes as I do...

  • IDK -China Glaze

    21 July 2011

    I like China Glaze. They have a very diverse collection of colors. The quality isn't as good as OPI, but therefore it's not as expensive. This is a holographic nail-polish. When light hits the polish at a certain angle you can see an amazing holo effect....

  • Glow Under Black Light

    21 July 2011

    These are neon colors that glow under black light. They are perfect for a Party with black light. Your nails will shine all the time. It looks so awesome and freaky. The first time a friend of mine discovered it at a Party. She pointed out my nails and...

  • Christmas Nails

    19 August 2011

    Happy Holidays Perfect for the Christmas Season. I chose the typical christmas-colors (dark red, white and dark green) for this design. The snowflake looks hard to do, although it's just painting little lines. Little details such as these lines always...

  • Winter Nails

    24 August 2011

    For this design I used winter-colors. The winter palette consist mainly out of cold, frosty shades ( blues, whites, purples,blacks,greys,darker and cooler colors) There are worm winter colors as well, but i chose the ones with a cooler tone. It's a simple...

  • St. Patrick Nails

    30 August 2011

    Since I am partly irish myself I enjoy celebrating St. Patrick's Day and decided to come up with a nail-design for the holiday :) So I chose the typical St. Patrick's Day colours: green and all shades of green. I added golden glitter too,just to give...

  • Colorful Nails

    08 September 2011

    I adore bright and happy colors and I found a dress I used to wear as a child. So I copied the little designs ( flowers,dots and stars) onto my nails and I loved it! :D What do you think ? This design is about 6 months old (march '11 now: sept '11) and...

  • Flowers and Dots

    11 November 2011

    Soo, I t ook this picture in a store where the design on these table cloths caught my sight! At ho me I copied the different kinds of flowers and leaves. Since i wanted to have most of the little motifs to appear I decided to paint each nail with a different...

  • Simple Pink Swirls

    07 April 2012

    This is the first time I tested my new brushes and new acrylic paint for nails. I got them all at ebay. I always strive to improve myself and my skills. Since nail polish is not as opaque and can be difficult to work with, I decided to get some special...

  • Sunflower Nails

    22 May 2012

    Yay! It's Spring-time! :D Spring is my favorite season,I guess because of all the new colors and flowers that replace the cold,dark days of win ter. I decided t o use some glitters on my nail for this design,which I don't do as often. Here t hey work...

  • Pastel Bows

    04 June 2012

    Pastel bows paired with a milky white base give a nice and soft look. For small details I usually use acylic paint,because it is easier to work with. However, here I painted the bows with nail polish. Both ways work, but I prefer acylics,since the brushes...

  • Puking Rainbows

    16 June 2012

    Some friends of mine are obsessed with the website: 9gag. One suggested I should do a nail-design based on a meme. So I did. ;) Since I quite like rainbows and colours I decided to pair the 'puking rainbows' meme with a water marble rainbow design. I...

  • One White Rose

    27 September 2012

    hello c: This design I created particularly for a ballet preformance I had. I wore a red tutu with one single white rose placed on my hip. I added some light grey swirls to give more dimension and a rhinestone to add some shine. :) If you are interested,...

  • Bad Fairy Nails

    27 September 2012

    :) These nails are insipired by the bad fairy costume I wore for a preformance. I tried to maintain a eery and wicked feel. Also I used ColorClub- wild and willing. The material I wore had a black undertone and shone in different color shades. As does...

  • Pink Lace Nails

    14 October 2012

    Hello c; This is an experiment I did with lace plates. I had bought them and decided to use them finally. I painted my nail baby pink which fit to the hot pink lace. I applied top coat and cut out squares out of the lace. I placed them over my nails....

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