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September 8 2011 5 08 /09 /September /2011 19:12

I adore bright and happy colors and I found a dress I used to wear as a child. So I copied the little designs ( flowers,dots and stars) onto my nails and I loved it! :D

What do you think ?


nails 5980a


nails 5903a


nails 5990a


nails 5982a




This design is about 6 months old (march '11 now: sept '11) and if you compare this design with my very first ones you see a big improvement, don't you think..^^ as i said practice makes perfect.

Even now looking at the pictures make me think, that I could have done it better. I guess me as the actual 'artist' tends to see the imperfections and flaws. But that way you learn how to improve you work and to proceed:) 


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September 8 2011 5 08 /09 /September /2011 19:06

This is just a very casual design. I bought a new dotting tool so I wanted to try it out.. ;)



Orly -Gumdrop

ChinaGlaze -Spontaneous


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August 30 2011 3 30 /08 /August /2011 17:59


icons 6930a (3) icons 8750a (2)


Summer time

Picture0061 (2) icons 9975 (2)


Fall Season

P0921[01] 13-10-10 (2) Samir+Tati 12.10.09 113 (3) PIC 0158 (2)



icons 3893 (2) icons 4273 (2) PIC 0072 (2)

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August 30 2011 3 30 /08 /August /2011 17:13

Since I am partly irish myself I enjoy celebrating St. Patrick's Day and decided to come up with a nail-design for the 

holiday :)

So I chose the typical St. Patrick's Day colours: green and all shades of green. I added golden glitter too,just to give a bit more color variation in the design. Then I drew the symbol for ireland: little

three leaf clovers and added green sparkles.


As you can see even with short nails there is a wide range of possibilities to create designs. The only vital part is your 

imagination and letting your ideas flow and grow into a cute and beautiful expression of art..haha^^

Have fun and let your unique ideas surface! :P

nails 6040a

nails 6044a    


nails 6055a


nails 6050a


nails 6036a

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August 30 2011 3 30 /08 /August /2011 16:29

This design was especially inspired by the spring time. To create this fresh, bloomy feeling I used bright, happy colours and added little 

easter eggs to the grassy-part,as you can see. 

The design is part sky,part meadow with flowers and suns. Cute and fresh.^^


MG 6924a

nails 6930a


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August 24 2011 4 24 /08 /August /2011 19:55

For this design I used winter-colors.

The winter palette consist mainly out of cold, frosty shades ( blues, whites, purples,blacks,greys,darker and cooler colors)

There are worm winter colors as well, but i chose the ones with a cooler tone.

It's a  simple design with blue rhinestones and foil stripes. I am still a beginner in the use of foil, that's why it

does not look very professional ..yet!^^

nails 4278a


nails 4292a

nails 4273a

nails 4276a

nails 4288a

nails 4286a

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August 24 2011 4 24 /08 /August /2011 19:03

nails 5784a

I adore pinks,purples and reds.

That is why most of my nail-polish collection consists

of pink/ purple/ red shades

There is just such a variety of colors and shades 

and they all look differently!

If I were able to, I would own all the nail-polish colors there

are! ^^


So this nail-polish is a very purple-pink mixture.

( #431 wild berry)

It is the perfect berry-color :)


OPI - Dim Sim Plum


Image1 does not show the color as well, since the 

lighting comes from behind. But I like how you can 

see the outline of my fingers and nails 

and how they appear in front of the white background.











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August 24 2011 4 24 /08 /August /2011 17:44

This is such a beautiful color !

OPI - That's Berry Daring

It's the same color of nail polish I used in  Vanilla+Raspberry Sundae .

In sunlight the color looks like a mixture of reds and pinks. It has a slight touch of blue shimmer to 

it as well which can't be seen in these pictures. Though the color is very bright it is more dark pinkish then red.

nails 2466a

nails 2469a

nails 2471a
nails 2467a

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August 19 2011 6 19 /08 /August /2011 16:53

Happy Holidays



Perfect for the Christmas Season. I chose the typical christmas-colors (dark red, white and dark green) for this design.

The snowflake looks hard to do, although it's just painting little lines.

Little details such as these lines always make a design look very neat and difficult. Remember that. :P

I added a rhinestone in the middle of the snowflake. :)





nails 3893a



nails 3888a

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August 5 2011 6 05 /08 /August /2011 14:40

As you know by now I like to pair whites and purples. And lace has so many tiny details.Therefore I have

so much fun creating it. The dark purple stripe under the white lace gives the design more dimension and the 

rhinestones are a great method to add some sparkle in a simple way.

MG 5762MG 5757

MG 5770


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