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May 2 2012 4 02 /05 /May /2012 18:05

I created nice purple flowers on each nail. Each one being different and combined with some green leaves. 



P2157 05-02-12a


P2159[01] 05-02-12a


P2159 05-02-12a


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April 23 2012 2 23 /04 /April /2012 17:21

These nails remind me of hot chocolate with cream,solely because of the colors.

The design itself not so much^^. 

But it does give you a "warm feeling". 


nails 8248a


nails 8253a

nails 8266a


nails 8273a


nails 8278anails 8274a



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April 14 2012 7 14 /04 /April /2012 15:17


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April 10 2012 3 10 /04 /April /2012 21:46

A  french manicure. :)

No design. No colour. Just a touch of pink and white. 

Beautiful and pure.

 Even without a colorful bucket of paint splattered on my nails they can look pretty.



nails 8347a



nails 8338a


nails 8335a


nails 8331a


IMG 8348


btw: I know the white tip is not perfect. But I still have a lifetime in front of me to better it C:



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April 9 2012 2 09 /04 /April /2012 19:42


While creating this design the 6 year old girl within me leaped for joy. ;)

It is based on two Cinderella dresses I saw at a friend's house. 

I easily get inspired by clothes and miniature things.

I like details. The smaller and more detailed something is,the more I adore it. :)

That is why I love to beautify my nails with tiny detailing. 


P1923[01] 14-08-11


  nails-8188a.JPG                nails-8178a--2--copy-1.jpg




nails 8198a (2)


nails 8171a


nails 8195a (2)


nails 8168a









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April 7 2012 7 07 /04 /April /2012 11:45

This is the first time I tested my new brushes and new acrylic paint for nails.

I got them all at ebay. 

I always strive to improve myself and my skills. Since nail polish is not as opaque and can be difficult to work with,

I decided to get some special acrylic paint. 

It is easier to draw spirals and designs with the paint, so the whole design appears cleaner and more professional. ;)

 It seems to be more like art when using special paint as opposed to nail polish. 

It is as if your nail is a tiny canvas and you,the artist, have the opportunity to paint a petit masterpiece on it. C:


The design itself is nothing special, just me trying out the new paint. :)

IMG 8601


P1933 10-11-11a


P1932[01] 10-11-11a

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April 1 2012 1 01 /04 /April /2012 21:44

This design is like candy for the eyes. ^^

I like lace and the combination between the white and the pale pink is just beautiful.

It looks very pure and subtle.

I'll call it the innocent leopard. ;)


nails 8311a


nails 8319a


nails 8303a


nails 8301a

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April 1 2012 1 01 /04 /April /2012 20:43



This design was inspired by a cook book, which caught my eye while I was walking through a book store.

I just loved how the light blue background matched with the pink / yellow flowers. 

The design is very cute and sweet. C: 

Just like the apple pie!^^








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November 11 2011 6 11 /11 /November /2011 22:10

 Soo, I took this picture in a store where the design on these table cloths caught my sight! 

 At home I copied the different kinds of flowers and leaves. Since i wanted to have most of the little 

 motifs to appear I decided to paint each nail with a different motif. 

 That's why the design reminds me of the  Colorful Nails.

 They are as colorful and fun! :D



2011 591a-copy-1


2011 599a


2011 572a


2011 601a 

 2011 586a

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October 15 2011 7 15 /10 /October /2011 14:19

So,this is a fun design where I altered the colors on the opposite hand but kept the design.

I paired bright and happy colors to maintain a summer feel.

Furthermore, I like how the colors match :)




nails 8145a


nails 8143a


nails 8147a


nails 8137 (2)a


nails 8149a

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