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June 16 2012 7 16 /06 /June /2012 15:20

Some friends of mine are obsessed with the website: 9gag. One suggested I should do a nail-design based on a meme. 

So I did. ;)

Since I quite like rainbows and colours I decided to pair the 'puking rainbows' meme with a water marble rainbow design.


I did a tutorial on how to water marble: click here to see the post



nails1 8862a


nails1 8861a


If you not only "like"  it, then why don't you "heart" it? ^^

When you click the pictures you get redirected to a "heart" site. 



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June 10 2012 1 10 /06 /June /2012 00:49



I decided to create a new project: "outfit fitting nail-designs" :D

I will design my nails in the way that they match an outfit and vice versa.

I will mainly be focusing on the color scheme. 


My first collage consist of barbie pink and light purple.

Actually this was rather a coincidence. I did not think of these nails when I shot the photos.

Lateron, I saw the nail-design and realized how the colours match :D




click the image to view the nail-design


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June 9 2012 7 09 /06 /June /2012 15:35

A very girly design based on my cute teaset from when I was a little girl. ;)

Ahh,sweet memories ...


I simply copied the roses,bows and hearts onto my nails. I added some gold as well.


nails1 9377a


nails1 9373a


nails1 9394a


nails1 9396a


nails1 9376a


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June 9 2012 7 09 /06 /June /2012 12:46



nails1 8849


First off, prep your nails with a base and a simple colour, e.g: white


Fill up a cup/bowl with water.


Drop colours of your choice into the water, in order for the varnish to expand. Repeat until enough polish is in the water to work with.


Take a toothpick or a needle and gently create spirals,cirles,swirls, whatever you like.


Do not start from the very last circle,or else the circles will break open and concept will not work. Start at the 3rd last one and drag it into the centre.


Clean toothpick after each time it was dipped into the circles of varnish with a paper towl.





nails1 8848a-copy-1





Tape finger,so your skin will not be in contact with the varnish when you dip it into the water.


Now look for the section which you like and place your finger above it.


Push the nail into it and remove the excess with a toothpick.


Carefully take your finger out of the water.


Wait until dry to remove the tape. Otherwise the design might be damaged.







nails1 8850

nails1 8855a



Repeat this for all your nails.


As you can see, your finger might get dipped in a colourful splash of polish. If your finger was not covered with tape, you will now have a hard time removing it from your skin.



After removing the tape dip a brush into nail polish remover and clean the edges of the nail. You can use Q-tips as well.






It is important to do so, in order for the design to look neat and manicured. 


One should not see that your nails were dipped in loads of polish.^^


Apply a top coat.







nails1 8861a


This was my first time. The layer of polish was sometimes too thin. I did not drop enough varnish into the water. The more drops of one colour there are,the less breakable and fragile will the layer of polish be.

I wanted the nails to vary from each other,so I did not try to create the same kind of swirls or lines. 

But if you want your nails to match, certainly do so. It might be a bit more challenging,but look more harmonized. :)





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June 4 2012 2 04 /06 /June /2012 15:09

Pastel bows paired with a milky white base give a nice and soft look.

For small details I usually use acylic paint,because it is easier to work with. However, here I painted the bows with 

nail polish. Both ways work, but I prefer acylics,since the brushes do not get damaged by nail polish remover,when

cleaning them. Acylic paint is easily washable with water. And they have a thicker substance, they are not water-based like nail varnish. So it simplifies painting detailed and precise.



nails1 9449a


nails1 9452a



nails1 9450


nails1 9451a


nails1 9455a




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June 3 2012 1 03 /06 /June /2012 22:51

This is a milky pale white color. 

It gives my nails a flawless,pure and even finish. Big like!


Rimmel- 305 pink bliss


It's similar to the 130 French Lingerie which I used for the French Manicure .

But it has a touch of pink,which you can hardly see in the pictures though.

Rimmel is my favourite drugstore nail polish. I usually order polish online,but I like the rounded brushes and they are quite good quality.

too. And the colors. Most polishes I won are bright and pink^^ 

 but I have grown into liking soft shades,lately :)

nails1 9441a


nails1 9439a


nails1 9436a


nails1 9438a

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May 22 2012 3 22 /05 /May /2012 17:03

Yay! It's Spring-time! :D

Spring is my favorite season,I guess because of all the new colors and flowers that replace the cold,dark days of


I decided to use some glitters on my nail for this design,which I don't do as often. Here they work as real 


The sparkling and the combination of yellows,oranges and reds have a positive and springlike effect. 

They appear lively and warm. 

I know one cannot easily guess it,but I actually tried to draw sunflower petals.^^ 

I think in this particular nail-design,the design itself is not the most important thing,

the colors and glitter dominate.



nails 8749a


nails 8750a


nails 8765a


nails 8777a





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May 20 2012 1 20 /05 /May /2012 13:05

A sweet girly design with a pale purple base and white 's'-shaped swirls. The dark purple helps give the design more dimension. :)


nails 8608a


nails 8603a

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May 14 2012 2 14 /05 /May /2012 12:21

My Workspace:


This is how my desk looks like,when I do my nails. It is important to keep your workspace neat and clean. That way

it is easier to paint more precise and detailed. A messy room and a unorganized desk can lead to a general atmosphere of confusion and mess. It is hard to keep a free mind to receive ideas.

The materials needes vary from design to design,so these images are solely an example how you could organize your desk and what kind of tools are essential.




The lighting is one of the most important aspect when painting and working. A bright light,which can be adjusted and shines right on your nails is ideal. You feel more confident when seeing what exactly you are drawing and can help you to perfect tiny details.


Tooth picks are always a great tool to have. To swipe away excess polish on your cuticuls when it is still wet,to create dots or to mix colors.


Nail varnish and acrylic nail art paint are the main materials needed to color you nails. Acrylic paint is not necessary,but helpful,since nail polish is water based and complicates painting details. 


Brushes and dotting tools simplifies the application of paint and small details.


I often use a sheet of paper to jot down ideas. I use them as a template. It can be very helpful to have a rough draft of what you actually want to paint.


Paper towls are good to swipe off paint or water after rinsing a brush.


Cotton balls to remove nail varnish/acrylic paint.


Glitter particles, foil, striping tape, rhinestones will give the design that certain someting. I personally do not use them as much,because it often does not fit to the design or I find it to add too much sparkle which I don't need.

I like to keep it somewhat subtle. (:




I like to have small vessles. One with water, the other filled with acetone. 

When I'm done using one color I rinse the brush with either one. Acrylic paint can be easily rinsed off with water,

nail varnish with acetone,which can also damage the brush,tough. Nail polish remover dries out the bristles,because of the chemicals. After the brush has been soaked in acetone,rinse off with water. I have experienced less damage by doing so. 


I always have a small pallet to mix colors. It is easier to fill up the brush with paint not directly from the tube or nail polish bottle. So I use the pallet to drop paint on it and work from there. 


how-to 9445a


I like to use base as well as top coats. Before, I had never used a base coat,but when removing the nail polish of the Chocolate Nails the color did not properly remove. So my nails had yellow stains on them,which did not look aesthetic at all. Rather as tough I had smoked too much (i do not smoke) and as if my nails were unhealthy. 

To prevent this from happening again, I now use a base coat and I had never had stains again.

A top coat is important for the polish and design to look even.

When painting on different 'layers': base color, acrylic paint creating a small design,nail polish adding to the design,rhinestones...a top coat will even them out and create a shiny,flawless look. 

I recommend using them, investing not only in polishes and colors,but also in materials you do not actually see that they have been applied, will make the manicure look professional. ;)

It's the little things that count. :)


I like to have a sheet underneath my hands,in case a bottle tips over or my hand holding a brush silps. 


how-to 9444a


So,this is how I like to work.

A nice and neat environment will allow beautiful,neat designs to be produced. :D


Have a wonderful day,


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May 14 2012 2 14 /05 /May /2012 12:11

A twisted,interesting design with different sizes and shapes of blue paired with glitter. :)


nails 8742a


nails 8746a


nails 8732a
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