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October 14 2012 1 14 /10 /October /2012 11:59

An inspired polka dot outfit / design. :D




- Tiara

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October 14 2012 1 14 /10 /October /2012 11:31

Hello c;


This is an experiment I did with lace plates. I had bought them and decided to use them finally.

I painted my nail baby pink which fit to the hot pink lace.

I applied top coat and cut out squares out of the lace. I placed them over my nails. You have to cut arount the nail  in

order for the design to look neat. Otherwise there will be loose lace strands.

For the lace to hold on to you nail you have to apply another thick coat of top coat. This will hold the lace in place.

This "design" was very different from what I am used to do.

But I liked the rough surface, since your nails usually feel very smooth and even. :)


IMG 8206


nails1 8228a



nails1 8227a



nails1 8219a



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September 28 2012 6 28 /09 /September /2012 18:00

Hello c:


This is the costume I wore for my ballet preformance. I played an evil fairy and added a nail design to match the wardrobe.

You can use this as inspiration: to match nails and outfits, since I know you do not own the same exact clothes as I do and have different tastes. I just like to keep the colors the same and add whatever feels to fit to the outfit what it may stand for. :P





click here for the tutorial

click here for a more detailed look of the design

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September 27 2012 5 27 /09 /September /2012 18:17

  Here is another collage of an outfit inspired nail-design. :)






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September 27 2012 5 27 /09 /September /2012 17:31


These nails are insipired by the bad fairy costume I wore for a preformance.

I tried to maintain a eery and wicked feel.

Also I used ColorClub- wild and willing.

The material I wore had a black undertone and shone in different color shades. As does the ColorClub nail polish.

A perfect match!! :D

I use the polish as a top coat,since it can be sheer and "see-through".

So first apply a black or red base color. I used red,since the skirt I wore was more red than black.


Find the tutorial here



nails1 0005a


nails1 0003a


nails1 9996a




nails1 9590



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September 27 2012 5 27 /09 /September /2012 15:46

hello c:


This design I created particularly for a ballet preformance I had. I wore a red tutu with one single white rose placed on my hip.

I added some light grey swirls to give more dimension and a rhinestone to add some shine. :)


MG 9905a


MG 9898a


MG 9899a




MG 9902a




If you are interested, hre are a few pictures of the preformance. :)


outfits 9601

  outfits 9604 



outfits 9606a















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August 4 2012 7 04 /08 /August /2012 10:25

Hello people :)


I am sorry about not posting anything lately.

I feel very ashamed and awful about that.

Yet, I did not succumb to laziness as you might think.

My computer simply broke down in june. All my work and images are on it and I hope even if my PC will never work again

that the documents will not be lost. There are many I have not uploaded yet.

Otherthanthat I am on vacation and do not take my time for nail art as much.


I appreciate you patience :)

Here's to hoping for the best!



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June 26 2012 3 26 /06 /June /2012 19:41

This is an older design. I haven't uploaded it yet,because I do not think it is anything special. 

One red swirl, and lots of little blue swirls and dots filling in the empty space.

I added some glitter dust at the tip which the camera obviously did not pick up very well.




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June 20 2012 4 20 /06 /June /2012 18:25



Here is another collage of pink and white nails and an outfit that I thought would fit to the nail-art. 

The design was inspired by a tea set so I tried to maintain a very girly and feminine feel about the outfit as well. 



click the image to view the nail-design



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June 16 2012 7 16 /06 /June /2012 18:27

MG 9718a

1) Apply base coat.

  MG 9725a MG 9727

2) Apply desired nail polish colour.


MG 9719

-take a brush and acrylic paint to carry out the following steps



nails1 9738a

3) Apply small black triangles on the tip of the nails (sry for the camera flash)


nails1 9744a

4) Draw black inflected lines evolving from the triangles. Adjust the transition from triangle to line. These lines add to a

creepy,evil feel.


nails1 9746a

5) Add white lines = more dimension


nails1 9748a

6) Apply black particles and a top coat


MG 9907a

7) I decided to apply some glitter to the base. This design was created to match a dance costume of mine. Normally I would have applied the glitter beforehand. It wasn't until later,that I noticed the costume and the nails do not match perfectly. Something was missing: The sparkle! :)

The material I am holding is the skirt I wore.

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