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April 25 2015 7 25 /04 /April /2015 04:19



This nail art design is carried by basically the glitter and sparkle. As you can see in the first two picture, the design does not have the same effect, so I chose to add the orange/red glitter sparkles.

I really do like this design and it brightens your day when you look at them. :D

I drew the flowers with acrylic nail art paint.




DSCN2726 Fotor


DSCN2727 Fotor



DSCN2730 Fotora




DSCN2734 Fotora




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April 25 2015 7 25 /04 /April /2015 04:14

Helloo :P


This nail art is perfect for the summer. It was inspired by oranges :) I also added an fimo orange, but it did fall off during a night out, so you can only see it in the first picture.

The design is quite clean and "cute" and soft. That's why I gave them the title "orange cloud" :)
















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April 25 2015 7 25 /04 /April /2015 04:10

Hello :D


I do love the purple / white color combination, I have had similar nail designs before. This one is topped with some glitter polish. I don't actually like the dark purple around the rhinestone, it makes the design look messy, so I apologize.

I wanted to give the design some dimension, but that was not the right way to do it I guess haha.




2013 0781a


2013 0784a


2013 0779a


2013 0785a



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April 25 2015 7 25 /04 /April /2015 04:07

Helloo people,


This nail design is quite blurry, I apologize. I do enjoy the color combination.

As you can see my ringfinger's nail broke, my nails were a bit too long for my taste now.

I guess you do get the idea of the colorful dots though :)






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April 25 2015 7 25 /04 /April /2015 04:02

Hello girlies,


This nail design is quite old (I am catching up on all the designs I did over the past years).

I was basically trying to paint little butterflyies with my new nail art tools.

The black outline got a little bit too "thick", I wanted a thin line.

But practice makes perfect ;)









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July 3 2014 5 03 /07 /July /2014 12:55

Hello nail-freaks :)

I might have had a break from uploading nail art pictures, but I have not stopped painting. So we have some catching up to do ;) 


This nail- design I created when buying the Sally Handson Nail polish. The shiny, silver top and the dark rich purple is a great color combination :) 

Quite simple but classic.



DSCN2356 Fotor

DSCN2352 Fotor

DSCN2363 Fotor

DSCN2364 Fotor



DSCN2368 Fotor

Tools needed;

- silver sparkly polish

- deep purple sparkly polish

- deep purple, different shade (more creamy)

- nail-art paint brush

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November 18 2012 1 18 /11 /November /2012 15:52


I have updated my blog and now it is even available for the french people in this world.

Here you are, enjoy ! :D


click here


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November 18 2012 1 18 /11 /November /2012 14:46


This design was inspired by my colorful and fun desk accessories. :)

I did not choose the exact same colors, but still tried to maintain the overall colorfulness and playfulness.

The nail-art makes me happy and cheerful, because I just love colors and how they add to a bright and nice feel.



nails1 0442a




nails1 0458a





nails1 0460a








nails1 0470

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October 22 2012 2 22 /10 /October /2012 10:00



For the design I used soft colors including pale purple and milky white with a touch of pink.

I added rhinestones and glitter to glam up the design, since the design itself is simple.

The "accessories" for the nail embroiders the nail-design and produced more interest, if one may say so.






nails1 0312a




nails1 0313a




nails1 0309a


- Tiara

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October 20 2012 7 20 /10 /October /2012 15:31


This is a brief guide on what steps I take, in order to maintian healthy, clean nails.



MG 9693








Remove all nail polish

-> acetone deprives the nails of moisture - therefore have moisturizing hands/nails as a daily chore












MG 9694







Soak your hand in soap water








MG 9705-copy-1






Scrub off all dirt with such a brush.

 -> have the brush next to the sink, you may use it everyday






MG 9697

Push your cuticles back with an wooden or plastic orange stick.


Clean your nails with it as well.


Do not cut your cuticles! It only does more damage than good!

-> use cuticle cream instead




MG 9695-copy-1






Now either clip or file your nails

-> clipping them will be easier, when nails are still damp/soft 






MG 9707









Remove all dead skin cells with a hand peeling














MG 9699







Moisturize your hands and nails

-> reduces chance of nail splitting










MG 9708a


- Tiara

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