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First off, prep your nails with a base and a simple colour, e.g: white


Fill up a cup/bowl with water.


Drop colours of your choice into the water, in order for the varnish to expand. Repeat until enough polish is in the water to work with.


Take a toothpick or a needle and gently create spirals,cirles,swirls, whatever you like.


Do not start from the very last circle,or else the circles will break open and concept will not work. Start at the 3rd last one and drag it into the centre.


Clean toothpick after each time it was dipped into the circles of varnish with a paper towl.





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Tape finger,so your skin will not be in contact with the varnish when you dip it into the water.


Now look for the section which you like and place your finger above it.


Push the nail into it and remove the excess with a toothpick.


Carefully take your finger out of the water.


Wait until dry to remove the tape. Otherwise the design might be damaged.







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nails1 8855a



Repeat this for all your nails.


As you can see, your finger might get dipped in a colourful splash of polish. If your finger was not covered with tape, you will now have a hard time removing it from your skin.



After removing the tape dip a brush into nail polish remover and clean the edges of the nail. You can use Q-tips as well.






It is important to do so, in order for the design to look neat and manicured. 


One should not see that your nails were dipped in loads of polish.^^


Apply a top coat.







nails1 8861a


This was my first time. The layer of polish was sometimes too thin. I did not drop enough varnish into the water. The more drops of one colour there are,the less breakable and fragile will the layer of polish be.

I wanted the nails to vary from each other,so I did not try to create the same kind of swirls or lines. 

But if you want your nails to match, certainly do so. It might be a bit more challenging,but look more harmonized. :)





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