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June 16 2012 7 16 /06 /June /2012 18:27

MG 9718a

1) Apply base coat.

  MG 9725a MG 9727

2) Apply desired nail polish colour.


MG 9719

-take a brush and acrylic paint to carry out the following steps



nails1 9738a

3) Apply small black triangles on the tip of the nails (sry for the camera flash)


nails1 9744a

4) Draw black inflected lines evolving from the triangles. Adjust the transition from triangle to line. These lines add to a

creepy,evil feel.


nails1 9746a

5) Add white lines = more dimension


nails1 9748a

6) Apply black particles and a top coat


MG 9907a

7) I decided to apply some glitter to the base. This design was created to match a dance costume of mine. Normally I would have applied the glitter beforehand. It wasn't until later,that I noticed the costume and the nails do not match perfectly. Something was missing: The sparkle! :)

The material I am holding is the skirt I wore.

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