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This is a brief guide on what steps I take, in order to maintian healthy, clean nails.



MG 9693








Remove all nail polish

-> acetone deprives the nails of moisture - therefore have moisturizing hands/nails as a daily chore












MG 9694







Soak your hand in soap water








MG 9705-copy-1






Scrub off all dirt with such a brush.

 -> have the brush next to the sink, you may use it everyday






MG 9697

Push your cuticles back with an wooden or plastic orange stick.


Clean your nails with it as well.


Do not cut your cuticles! It only does more damage than good!

-> use cuticle cream instead




MG 9695-copy-1






Now either clip or file your nails

-> clipping them will be easier, when nails are still damp/soft 






MG 9707









Remove all dead skin cells with a hand peeling














MG 9699







Moisturize your hands and nails

-> reduces chance of nail splitting










MG 9708a


- Tiara

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